Le Birre

Here at the tavern you can taste:

The DuLac Craft Brewery was founded in 2014 by a group of family members who with a beer in hand, the lake in front and a great desire inside, wanted to combine the work of every day with the passion of always and thus become artisans of beer. Our beer is a living and authentic product that invites to a natural conviviality and finds the greatest inspiration in our territory. DuLac proposes itself as a symbol of Lake Como and the names of the brewery and beers in “lagheé” dialect, represent an obvious tribute to the places where it came to life.

“SBREGA” – Double Ipa – 7,5 % vol.
RUGEN – Dubbel 6,50 % Vol.

PINTALPINA is a company created by the Prometheus-Onlus Association of Sondrio and by the “B” Elianto Social Cooperative. Prometeo was founded in December 2005 by a group of educators and friends who decided to combine their strengths and professional skills to make them available to vulnerable individuals in order to promote, through associations, the culture of free time and human and social values that characterize the life of each of us.

In 2013 the members of the association decided to invest in the planning of a craft and social brewery in which to employ and train children with disabilities: the project is positively evaluated and about half of the funds necessary for the initiative were donated by different organizations (Fondazione of the Provaltellina-onlus community, BIM Basin Imbrifero Montano della Valtellina and Fondazione Cariplo), the missing funds were invested by the Prometeo-Onlus association of Sondrio.

To directly follow the commercial and educational management of the brewery and of the other protected laboratories present, the Association has expanded, involving other people who wanted to create something innovative: on March 7, 2014 the “B” type Social Cooperative was founded. Elianto.

LA RESEGAPA – American Pale Ale (APA) 5,5%
LA MARON – Specialty alle castagne 6,5%
LA SCURA – Oatmeal Stout 3,8%