The Wines

From here his amazing wine descriptions, dating back, in their first formulations, to an Italy still devoid of the denominations of origin: in the late fifties! In the last period of his existence, Luigi Veronelli founded the movement “Terra e libertà / Critical wine”, together with some social centers. It gives life, then, to various battles in favor of the De.Co., that is to say the Municipal Denominations, aimed at safeguarding the genuine origin of the products.
In our list you can find about 100 labels from the Italian territory and about 40 from the French territory, chosen for the Terroirs de France exhibition.

We have started a special collaboration with 3 FRIENDLY CELLARS The owners of these Cellars will present their vintages of the year in the suggestive “Giazzera”, a centuries-old cellar of the Taverna ai Poggi. Find out their story below.

We are in the province of Sondrio between lake and mountains. Between heaven and earth. Here the disused vineyards are distributed by the old owners, abandoned and donated to the Gabbiano Cooperative. They are the territories of the municipalities of Berbenno and Castione, in the disciplinary area of the upper Valtellina. These are rough, hard, strenuous soils to cultivate and recover. Returning to the cultivation and planting of the vine means great fatigue but also a revaluation of the territory which in turn means the production of a unique and high quality wine.

The passion for viticulture is ancient in the Giuratrabocchetti family and has been handed down for generations.
It is from this tradition that the Cantine del Notaio company was founded in 1998, when Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, a graduate in Agricultural Sciences, took up the challenge, with his wife Marcella, of enhancing Aglianico del Vulture cultivated in their own vineyards, combining tradition , innovation, history and culture of the territory.
With Professor Luigi Moio, full professor of Oenology at the University of Naples “Federico II”, the research on the oenological potential of this vine is deepened, the most important in Southern Italy, austere and generous at the same time and capable of giving wines with extraordinary personality.
“Your name is Gerardo,” he said, your name is like me.
“This is why my vineyards will belong to you.”
Today, thinking back to my grandfather, I smile, reflecting on how, after various events and after more than 30 years, he has found, proudly, my roots, collecting that inheritance and deciding to make it the center of my
Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti

Vignis di Marian is a small winery of Mariano del Friuli, born from the passion of Franco Visintin, who produces Friulian white and red wines: Merlot doc, Friulano doc and Chardonnay doc.
Pruning, the birth of the first buds, the leaves and the bunches are the soul of nature; thinning, harvesting, pressing, racking, fermentation and decanting are the soul of art. The perfect synthesis of the two souls, art at the service of nature, finds its crown in my wine.
What makes it unique, however, is the third ingredient, my soul: when you taste it, in addition to the aromas and scents, you will come into contact with my dream, my story.
Franco Visintin